Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ! How are you?

We are well! Once again we would like to apologize for not sending you our news in a while, all is well, including Rosaria's first pregnancy with our baby boy Ethan! Last week we went to the doctor again (as we've been doing every month) and we could "see" Ethan through the ultra sound monitor again, he is doing very well and growing very fast! I can't believe that Rosaria's belly can't get even bigger but it can and it will :)!!!

Our doctor told us that our baby is growing perfectly well and healthy, a little bigger than the usual, with 1,1kg and "-he's got long legs!" - maybe I should train him to become a soccer goalkeeper or a volleyball player :)

All joking aside, we are just very happy and we would like to wholeheartedly thank you for your prayers and financial support along the months...

We kindly ask you to keep praying for us, I have been very concerned lately about raising the maternity fees funds plus a few other baby items we need to buy, doctor's appointments every month... our monthly support hasn't been enough to cover it all up. Ethan will be here in a little more than 2 months and we want to be ready for him!!!

- Total maternity (baby delivery) costs - around U$ 3850 depending on the exchange rate then - This is our biggest challenge at the moment, would you please pray and help us if possible?

If you wish to help please follow the following instructions:

If in the US: Please use Money Gram - available at most Wal Mart stores nationwide - Look for the money gram outlet and tell them you would like to send the funds to THOMAS CARVALHAES, in CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - Please make sure that they are sending the funds to South Africa, also make sure they will provide you with an 8-digit reference number which you are to please e-mail to me along with your name and address so that with those details plus my personal ID I can pick up the funds here. it's easy, fast and reliable.

Bank details in South Africa:

BRANCH CODE: 05040741

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